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GNS Science Outreach Map

Click on the square icon (top right of map) to open full screen and manage the layers or change style of base map. We will be adding further layers of geolocated information in the future. Watch this space!


Rex B. said...

Hi Julian, a heads-up the 2011-2014 work by Cornel de Ronde at Lake Rotomahana has had a fascinating sequel. After leading the 2014 PAWTL Project to recover the Pink and White Terraces, on the back of the GNS Project; in 2016 I received the long lost 1859 Lake Rotomahana survey conducted by Dr Hochstetter.

On compiling this survey, I was able to plot the pre-eruption GPS coordinates of the Pink and White Terraces. These location coordinates lie on land. Save for the Pink fragment Cornel located in 2011, the remainder of the Pink and White terrace locations lie buried under volcanic ash on land. They were not involved in the 1886 eruption vents.

I recently published The Hochstetter Survey and you can find my new book on Amazon. You may want to update your site with the latest research. Regards, Rex Bunn said...

This particular map is different from all the maps I have used online. What are its specalties? It would be great if you can explain or provide a link to learn more.