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About me

I am the educational outreach facilitator at GNS Science, New Zealand's dedicated earth science research institute. Because we live on a very active plate boundary, there are always interesting geoscience projects going on at GNS, either in the New Zealand wilderness, out in the ocean depths or even down south in Antarctica.

My job is to pass on some of these amazing projects to schools, museums and all others who might be interested. I compile information and resources for our website, interact with educators and students, and create videos for our YouTube channel.

Part of my work at GNS Science has been as project manager of the New Zealand Alpine Ice Core Drilling project (ALICE). For this I have to apply my alpine climbing experience along with some knowledge of geology and glaciology to help plan and organise ice core drilling field work on some pretty wild and remote glaciers in the Southern Alps.

I hope you will follow this blog, check out our videos, our website and like our Facebook page.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Best of all I hope you become ever more enthusiastic about New Zealand's geoscience and make plenty of discoveries of your own to pass on.